Five gaming devices from OnePlus will make your Christmas merry! – The Indian Express

Five gaming devices from OnePlus will make your Christmas merry! – The Indian Express

Christmas is just around the corner and even as you shop for your friends and family, it is also the perfect time to show your gamer self some love as well. And if you would like to add some serious muscle to your gaming arsenal, then we have some options for you, from a brand known for Never Settling: OnePlus. OnePlus comes with some of the most powerful smartphones around, but there is more to the brand, which has expanded its Never Settling horizon to TVs, audio, and other IoT products.

So if you want to treat your gaming side this Christmas, here are five OnePlus that can take your gaming experience from basic to badass.

OnePlus 9R: The OnePlus Phone for Gaming!

Every year OnePlus launches a new series of smartphones that redefines the way we see and use smartphones. Along with the usual models, this year OnePlus launched a gaming centric device– the OnePlus 9R, showcasing how serious the brand is about the field. To offer you a top-notch gaming experience, OnePlus has bundled the device with one of the most powerful processors in the industry, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 and has paired it with UFS 3.1 storage which is three times faster than UFS 3.0, ten times faster than a standard microSD card and even faster than a PC-based SATA SSD running at 540 MB/s.

Along with all this power, OnePlus has added an abundance of RAM to the phone (there are 8 GB and 12 GB variants), all to make sure that even the most power hungry games run smoothly on the phone.  What makes the OnePlus 9R stand out as the ultimate gaming phone is the immersive gaming experience that it offers. It comes with a special X-axis linear motor which creates vibrations of varied intensity to mimic the action taking place on the screen. For example, a bullet shot and a bomb explosion will both cause some vibration but their intensities will be completely different, adding to your gaming experience. To take this immersive affair up a notch, OnePlus has also added stereo speakers to the smartphone with support for Dolby Atmos to make sure the gaming audio surrounds you completely.

The phone also comes with a beautiful, 6.55 inch tall fluid AMOLED full HD+ and powerful display. It comes with 120 Hz refresh rate and a 240 Hz sampling rate, letting you use  up to five fingers and once to play your favorite game.

The OnePlus 9R will also never lose its cool (quite literally) no matter what task you throw at the phone. To make sure that the smartphone does not heat up even while going through the most intense gaming sessions, OnePlus has equipped the device with a game-grade multi-layer cooling system that comes with a graphite and copper lined vapor chamber.

There is a Pro gaming mode on the device which keeps notifications and other distractions at bay and allows you to focus on the game and game alone. The mode also optimises the performance of the phone and focuses its resources towards gaming which means if there is some task running in the background, taking away power from your game, the Pro mode will simply pause and use those resources to focus on the game– giving you the ultimate gaming …….