This big, dumb year in big, dumb shooter games – The A.V. Club

This big, dumb year in big, dumb shooter games – The A.V. Club

Far Cry 6 (Image: Ubisoft), Battlefield 2042 (Image: EA, DICE), Call Of Duty: Vanguard (Image: Activision), Halo Infinite (Image: 343 Industries)

Image: The A.V. Club

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At the risk of being too dismissive of my own tastes, I would say that there are only two kinds of video games I like: The kind where doing any one thing takes forever (like Death Stranding and modern Assassin’s Creed games) and what I like to think of as “big, dumb shooters.” Not all shooter games are big and dumb, and I don’t mean “dumb” as an insult or a mark of quality. I just mean that they’re games where you don’t have to pay attention to every piece of dialogue or conveniently discarded note to figure out what’s happening.

I usually end up playing a lot of the big, dumb shooters in a given year, often because I write about them here at The A.V. Club, and I thought now would be a good time to run down the big, dumb shooters of 2021 and see which ones were the biggest and dumbest.

Far Cry 6

Possibly the biggest and dumbest shooter ever made, Far Cry 6 drops you onto a big Cuba-like island that is largely identical from one coast to the other and has you team up with a band of guerrillas trying to take down evil dictator Giancarlo Esposito. There are some funky guerrilla weapons you can use and a gear system that lets you spec your character around your preferred play-style (the two options, as always, are “sneak around and kill everyone” or “just kill everyone”), but if you’ve played any recent Far Cry game then you’ve played this one.

I found it enormously boring, but also I bet I put 100 hours into it because it’s a nice way to do something with your hands while listening to a podcast. I’ll say this about Far Cry 6: I listened to some good podcasts this year.

Call Of Duty: Vanguard

I am an enormous sucker for Call Of Duty, a series that puts out a new game every year even if the new game isn’t actually good or isn’t ready to come out. This year’s COD, a World War II-set game called Vanguard, is largely identical to 2019…….